A guide in the global fight against oncology
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Provide with clinical researches based on your tests
in the fight against
a treatment
While creation of a medicine, patients may not know about its existence. The market entry is also a complex question, there may not just be time to wait.
It’s difficult for cancer-patients to get the opportunity to be treated with the new drugs
It can brings the greatest discomfort for patients who have a disease that defies standard kinds of therapy
What is the aim of clinical trials
Our project is set up with the purpose of assisting cancer-patients to find additional opportunities to fight the disease with the help of clinical researches all over the world
Who can benefit from our services
Cancer-patients that want to be aware of suitable medical studies all over the world
Patients that are not helped by standard treatment guidelines or it’s impossible for them to use ordinary approaches
People that have performed the molecular genetic study of their tumor and for them an additional search of studies of new targeted therapies will be conducted
Leave an application, we will call back and answer all questions about clinical researches
While taking part in a clinical trial patients are provided free access to the medicines that are off the market
We negotiate about participating in research
We contact medical centers and discuss the possibility of including the patient in the specific clinical research
We choose an individual treatment
We find appropriate researches for you based on the given clinical information
We conduct the search of clinical researches
We choose only officially registered medical researches and alternative methods are not considered
The advances of working with our company
Taking part in clinical studies is an opportunity to get an up-to-date treatment
We will provide a remote informational and analytical support
We will contact with chosen clinics and discuss the opportunity or your being included in a clinical research
We will conduct the search of suitable clinical researches and make a table (а name of research, where and by whom it will be held, warnings and precautions of being included in a clinical research)
We will answer all questions and explain what documents are needed for a consultation
How to learn about clinical trials
Customer support
Cooperation with medical centers
Upon request
Selection of studies
Consultation and diagnosis
The founder of OncoGuide
Together with the ROCHE company he implemented a program of testing a molecular genetic test Foundation one - a comprehensive genomic tumor profiling after which the test was introduced in Russia
He managed the development of the project and clinical validation of the first Russian genetic test for molecular tumor profiling - Onconetix
Experience working in leading oncology Russian clinics, internship in the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy
Igor Leonidovich Plaksa
In 2012 he graduated from the medical faculty of Kirov State Medical University
He is the Candidate of Medical Sciences, author and co-author of 32 publications in oncology, genetics and clinical researches, co-author of 3 patents
Frequently Asked Questions:
*We draw your attention to the fact that our consultation includes only the discussion about the possibility of taking part in a clinical trial. We don’t answer the questions about medical issues or about the cure.
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Selection of clinical trials
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